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Vegan Weight Loss

Plant powered weight loss - how do you want to look and feel?

I specialise in weight and fat loss and understand the complexities of what makes us gain weight and lose weight, beyond the oversimplified world of calorie counting.

Working holistically, I identify the most important changes for you to make to get the results you want and set out a meal plan or meal guide for you to follow.

If you have stubborn fat that just does not want to move - I can help!


Food and meals and education so you can work with your appetite


A meal plan that suits your lifestyle and a lifestyle that suits your goals.


Learn the best type and amount of exercise to reach and maintain your goal health.


What impact is my sleep having on my health, body size and composition?.


Learn the importance of breathe for vitality and good health.


The best amount of water and the best type of water for you and your family.


Do you need supplements and if so, which ones are best for you?



How are my emotions impacting my long term health and my body goals?


Understand your metabolism and how to use this for good health and RESULTS!


What are your conscoius and subconscious beliefs about yourself and your place in the world?

Body Chemistry

What is your body telling you through various medical and health tests?


Are you on medication and how is this impacting you nutritonally?

 Book your vegan dietitian session now for the most holistic approach to nutrition.  You will discover not only how you and your family can thrive on a vegan diet, but also understand how to achieve optimal health.  With the simple and important facts and concepts you will learn, you can understand your body, your appetite and your entire state of wellbeing and make choices to look and feel amazing.

For most of us, some key changes and understandings can truly free us from the feeling of being in a body that doesn't feel quite right.

The human body is a miraculous thing - and so forgiving.  

If you commit to a journey of health, you will feel the benefits almost immediately.  If you are up for real change and a real understanding for your health and body, then go ahead and book your vegan dietitian session with Lulu today.  

Lulu is a plant based and vegan dietitian based in Byron Bay, Australia.  Her consultations are on zoom or phone - so where ever you are in the world, you can book your plant based dietitian session and benefit from her expertise and wealth of knowledge...and most importnalty get the results you deserve!

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