Vegan Families

Your entire family can thrive on a vegan diet.

Through every stage of life, pregnancy, breastfeeding, toddlers, teens, the twilight years, we can all thrive on a plant-based diet.  This is now widely recognised by even mainstream science.


Bringing up a vegan family means being well informed and committed to eating well.  Scientists agree that a vegan diet can be healthy at any stage of life.  You can read the 2016 statement report by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


I specialise in assisting people to thrive on and transition to vegan and plant-based diets.  You can expect your family to be in amazing health on a vegan diet - however, it is important to track vitamin levels and also use the best supplements.


In most cases, we will work with blood results from your GP to ensure critical nutrient levels are optimal.  For breastfeeding Mums, we will closely track your nutrition and I will recommend specific foods, supplements etc for your little one to thrive.

Although raising a vegan family requires extra attention - it is common that vegan children eat the healthiest diets with the highest levels of nutrients.


Please contact me with any questions - I am happy to help give you peace of mind, guidance, work with your GP or health professional/s so that you can enjoy your vegan journey together with family and friends.

A world of amazing nutrition, kindness and delicious food awaits.

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