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What is the difference between Vegan and plant-based?

What's the difference between Vegan and Plant-based?

These terms can be used interchangeably, but they are not necessarily the same.  Vegan food avoids the use of animals and animal products.  Plant-based foods may either be Vegan or maybe just based on plants.  For example, a burger may have a plant based patty but still have mayonnaise that contains egg.  Plant-based can also refer to eating only whole-food, plant based foods like fruit, nuts and vegetables (no processed foods).

Veganism is a moral position - where you, for ethical reasons, decide to live a vegan lifestyle because you know you do not have to harm animals to thrive.

How do you go vegan?

You can change to a plant based or vegan diet as quickly as you want to.  It is completely for most people to change their diet.  Some people like to change gradually and some people like to substitute plant based products, for example almond milk, for the animal based equivalent.  

I recommend changing to a whole food, plant based diet and consulting with a professional like myself to guide you as to what is the best way for you to switch to a Vegan diet and to set out a meal plan for you that will suit your nutritional needs and lifestyle.  

Almost everyone will feel better on a vegan diet - and most health conditions will improve on a whole-food plant based diet.


Is a dietitian the same as a nutritionist?

In Australia, a Dieitian holds the highest level training in most circumstances and are the only diet professionals allowed to work in hospitals.  A nutritionist may have studied extensively or may have completed a short course.  

What is a vegan dietitian session like?

In a dietitian session we look at your health, concerns, results you want along with your current diet and a discussion of what your ideal diet looks like.  We then implement a plan based on your lifestyle that will give you a way to easily achieve your health goals.

I am not vegan, but want to be - can you help?

Yes - absolutely - this is one of my specialties.  We will discuss your reasons for going vegan along with any concerns, challenges and then create a plan that will work for your health, tastes and lifestyle.

What is a vegan lifestyle?

Eating vegan is one thing, but most vegans do not want to wear animals or consumer other products that are made from dead animals or animal products: This includes wool, leather and silk.

I can help you transition your lifestyle if you like - or we can just work on your nutrition.

Is it hard to be vegan?

Being Vegan is easy when you know how.  Some of us transition easily and some of us take more time.  A lot of this depends on your lifestyle and reasons for going vegan.  For many people, after the first 6 weeks, there is no desire to each animal products again. 

My child or teenager wants to go vegan - is this safe?

Yes it is absolutely possible for children to thrive as vegans.  For any young child or young person it is especially important to ensure that all requirements are being met and this can be done by working with a professional dietitian.

Do I need to check my iron levels and protein levels?

It is helpful to have an iron blood level check and to check for certain minerals (just as is a good idea even if you are eating animal foods).  When it comes to protein, a whole-food diet will give you all of the protein (type/quality and quantity) that you need to thrive.

Is all vegan food healthier for you than non-vegan food?

In general, a Vegan diet is better for your health - this is proven in countless studies and can also be experienced for yourself.  Vegan food tends to be healthier than animal based foods (and is much kinder).  However, there are some vegan foods that are highly processed and not good additions to our diet.  

I recommend eating food in a similar form to how it grew and where ever possible eat organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

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