Nutritionist or Dietitian - what is the difference?

Why choose a Vegan Dietitian?

Lulu is a qualified Dietitian with a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics.  She is based in Mullumbimby, near Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia.
The benefits of a Vegan Dietitian is that you are working with an expert who knows how to thrive on a plant-based diet.

Lulu is also passionate about creating eco-friendly diets, ethical and plastic and packaging-free.
If you have not worked with a dietitian before - here is what to expect and why this is a very effective way of achieving your health, wellbeing and physique goals.

  • personalised advice

  • work in conjunction with test results from your GP/medical doctor

  • evidence-based information and recommendations

  • results you can feel

  • advice specific to your body, age, lifestyle, preferences and challenges


I am an independent dietitian with a fitness and sports background and a holistic approach.  Here are things i offer you:

  • i live a vegan lifestyle with a vegan family (inc children)

  • i  am a trained personal training & can recommend the best exercise for you

  • i take a holistic approach including stress, hormones and emotional state

  • I work with your GP/medical doctor to get results that are verifiable

  • I make changes that you can see and feel in your own life and sense of wellbeing


Here are some answers to questions I am often asked:

What is the difference between a nutritionist and a dietitian?

In Australia, a nutritionist can have extensive education and experience...or almost next to none.  A dieitian must have tertiary qualifications - usually a 4-year degree plus professional placements in hospitals and public health settings.

Why choose a dietitian that focuses exclusively on plant-based diets?

A vegan dietitian that lives and thrives on a vegan lifestyle has first-hand experience on what it means to adopt and maintain a vegan lifestyle when it comes to health, food and social navigation.

How can a dietitian help me?

It is helpful to have a dietitian support you personally because every lifestyle, challenge, concern and situation is different.  A dietitian can help with making sure you are eating for optimal health, identify areas of concern, make sure any supplements you need are addressed along with support for sporting, performance, families and for many health conditions and medical issues.  You can expect anything from a meal plan to coaching children to eat healthily to specific meal and ingredient options, supplement recommendations.

In other words - a professional to walk with you on your journey of feeling amazing and empowered on a vegan or plant-based diet.

How can you book a session with Lulu?

No matter where you live, you can book a dietitian session with Lulu.  


Lulu offers vegan dietitian sessions across the world via phone, facetime or zoom video conferencing.  Get professional advice from your home or workplace whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin or anywhere in the world.

Please remember when booking that all appointments are in Sydney time, Australia.

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