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Lulu Morningstar is a qualified dietitian dedicated to vegan and plant-based diets and for those wishing to transition to a vegan diet and lifestyle.  If you are looking for a vegan dietitian - Lulu is your best choice - with decades of experience and expertise in plant based living, sports nutrition, weight loss, family nutrition, muscle gain, weight gain, optimal health, eating disorders, emotional-based eating, diets for menopause and the management of chronic health conditions.

"I am passionate about giving people information to educate and empower them to make great food and lifestyle choices beyond our sessions.  I LOVE you seeing and feeling results, and feeling empowered to make nutrition choices that are in alignment with your health and body goald.  Working holistically is the best way to get results - we look in-depth not only at your food intake and nutritional status, but also at

 your lifestyle, emotional wellbeing, stress, sleep and supplementation.

Based in Byron Bay, Lulu consults to clients across the world and is available for speaking and seminars both in person and online. 

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