Thriving as a Vegan

If you are about animals, your health and our beautiful Planet - a vegan diet is absolutely the best choice. When you choose a plant-based diet that includes predominantly whole foods and minimises processed food - you will be choosing a diet that is highly nutritious and truly life-saving!


Why Vegan... and why see a Dietitian?

People choose to go vegan because they love animals and do not want to contribute to cruelty...because it is a healthy way to live with immediate and long term health benefits...and for environmental reasons.

Whatever your reason and whatever your goal - for example muscle gain, weight loss, managing a health condition - seeing a dietitian can get you on track sooner and give you peace of mind that your or your family's nutrition is on track. 

  The top reason people book a vegan dietitian session

There is a lot of information available to us all today and in my experience, the hardest thing for my clients to do is:

  1. no what to believe

  2. know which changes/actions are the most important

  3. sort through information 

  4. work out which supplements to take

Because brands and manufacturers and even growers and farmers want to sell their food to us, many studies are funded or co-funded by corporations and industries - to tell us how good their food is.  It is up to us to work out what is really good nutrition and most importantly what kind of eating suits you.

With the help of a dietitian whose passion and expertise is in thriving (not just surviving) and vegan and plant-based diets you can fast track your path to optimum health - feel empowered and most importantly feel and see the results you desire.

Because I work holistically, the scope of our sessions is broad and includes emotional wellbeing, family history, lifestyle challenges, emotional-based eating and more.

It is my intention that all of my clients finish each session empowered to make great choices and most importantly on side with their own body and appetite.  It's from this place that the magic happens.

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General health - for those already on a vegan diet and for those transitioning.


Weight loss for men, women and young people.  Particularly women in their 40s and 50s


Sporst nutrition including training for muscle growth and high performance and endurance sports.


Family health - from pre-conception, through pregnancy and all ages and stages of life.


Management of chronic health conditions including type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, post-surgery, heart dis-ease


Emotional based eating, eating disorders, food cravings and compulsive eating.


Learn more about your body and how to stay healthy including how to detox your system.


Digestive issues including bloating, constipation an to restore internal health after anti-biotic use.

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