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Meet Lulu - Qualified Dietitian

 Vegan and Plant Based Exclusive

If you want the healthiest, most ethical diet you have arrived!  Whether you are currently Vegan, vegetarian or transitioning, I will create with you a lifestyle in which you will thrive and feel amazing.  I have a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics.  In addition to being a vegan dietitian & nutritionist, I am a qualified personal trainer as well as a passionate animal lover and advocate.  I have lived a vegan lifestyle for years and love sharing my knowledge and passion. Dietitian consultations are available Australia wide and across the world.  Book a session today. 

Thrive on a Plant Based diet - the perfect diet for YOU, the animals and our Planet!

For families - including children, couples, singles, athletes - find out how to thrive on a vegan diet that suits your lifestyle and aligns with your values.  No matter your age and lifestyle - join the millions of vegans across the world be part of the new way of being - that is kind to animals, the Earth and amazing for your health and performance.


A personalised plan - just for YOU!

In our dietitian session, you will receive your own meal plan including recipe ideas and food inspiration.  You will be given key recommendations - to give you the BEST results along with extra suggestions and recommendations to reach your gaol - what ever that may look or feel like.


Created by Lulu Moringstar - share what you like and enjoy!

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